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The Joe-Armrest comprises a soft cushioned armrest on top of a chrome frame. In the Milano Bedding Joe, have found the Holy Grail of sofabed design and manufacture. This is the Rolls Royce or Ferrari of sofabeds. As a sofa alone it passes every aesthetic and comfort standard. A headrest at the top of the back cushion can be raised to increase the height of the back. The seat and back cushions contain high density foam with a layer of feathers on top. The cushions provide softness but they are at the same time resilient. The modular units are available as either sofas or sofabeds. If you go for the sofabed option there is no compromise. It is as comfortable to sit on as the sofa, and it contains the best bed-action on the market. There is no need to remove the cushions when the bed action is pulled out. the length of the mattress is 210cm. Much longer than most sofabeds. All the covers are removable.

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