Sofa Beds

Our contemporary, traditional and modern luxury sofa beds are the finest you can buy. Why?

1. There is a wide range of luxury mattresses suitable for every night use available on most of the models from the Milano Bedding range of sofa beds. These include standard spring mattress, pocket spring mattress, pocket spring mattress with a memory foam topping, memory foam mattresses and luxury foam mattresses.

2. All the sofa beds from Milano Bedding, Futura, and Bonaldo have removable covers. This makes them easy to clean and easy and inexpensive to replace. If after say, ten years you wish to have a fixed cover sofa bed re-upholstered it would be nearly as expensive as buying a new one.

3. The Lampolet bed actions used in Milano Bedding sofa beds are easy to use and guaranteed for 5 years. In many of the designs the bed can be opened without the need to remove and store any seat or back cushions.

4. Most of the Milano Bedding sofas and sofa beds come apart to make them easy to deliver. This also means that if for example an arm is damaged a new one can be ordered.

5. Our sofas, sofa beds and beds can be upholstered in a huge range of fabrics and leathers from the UK’s best fabric houses and leather companies. To keep things simple we only offer them in a very limited range of fabric and leather online but we can upholster them in any fabric from companies such as Romo, Villa Nova, Designers Guild, Kvadrat, JAB fabrics and many others. We offer a free fabric and leather sample service. Contact us for prices for sofabeds upholstered in these fabrics.

 We do not have high street stores but our location in Chichester, has free parking and is accessible by public transport. Viewing is by appointment. The savings we make on rent, rates, and staff costs are passed on to you in the form of lower prices. Our high quality sofa beds are not cheap but this business model allows them to be sold at prices below those of other retailers.

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